Friday, March 2, 2007

New Animation Posted

Hey guys well I got done with my jump and want to post that. I did my character walk and haven't had a chance to post that either so while I am at it I will post both.

My jump

My Char Walk

Monday, February 19, 2007


Leave it to glen keane to make the most beautiful animated movie known to man. I have been waiting for 3d movies to get that 2d astetic and I think my wait is over. Check out this clip from Rapunzel Unbraided This movie had been stopped and put in a retooling stage for awhile but finally went into production at the end of last year. This is actually a good sign since Aladdin, Lion King, etc... went through the same thing. Lets hope this movie follows their path. Apparently it was very shrek like and just wasn't working so Glen Keane went into hiding and worked on story and now after that is suppose to have a great story. Lets hope. I hope it comes out without a hitch in 2009, because I can't wait any longer.

Disney Comeback with 2d?

Hey all,

I have read that it is official with disney coming back with 2d. I have fallen in love with 2d in the two semesters of traditional I had. I was the only one who was sad to leave the labs and to know I wasn't going to come back to animate. And I must say that now my class has gotten into Maya and we have learned how hard it really can be, everyone is saying lets go back to traditional where its easier. Apparently there is a frog prince coming out directed by Ron and Jon, the brilliant guys who brought us the Little Mermaid, Aladdin. John Lasseter brough them back and I can say that I am so exited about this movie. Anyone enjoying any success in the animation industry since the 90's owe it somewhat to these two guys. I am exited about Disney's future.

My First Post


This is my first post. I will start posting my animatoin work up as they are done. I just finished my walk so here it goes :D I am going to post my Head Turn soon. I left my external drive up in Ocala and can not easily transport files to and from my house. Check out my site for previous animations from last year. I can't get enough critiques so please feel free to let me know :D Well Lata